About HollyWillow

We stock a large range of gifts, bath bombs, hand crafted soaps, essential oils and aromatherapy products, bags, jewellery, incense, home fragrance, and much, much more.

We source high-quality aromatherapy products, home fragrance and scrumptious bathroom items, direct from the manufacturer in Sheffield, UK.

We souce unique, hand crafted giftware products, which are hand picked from around the world, from places such as India, Indonesia, the Far East and across Europe, sourced directly from artisans and makers.

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This is Novita Dewi and her husband.. Because they are not far from our warehouse, they keep turning up with samples, offering different finishes and new designs.. 

There is nothing like a bit of enthusiasm to endear you to people and for sure they love their art a lot. Here are some examples..


These are all what they call "unfinished" pieces. Often another place will do the finishing, sometimes even the retailers in the tourist areas do the finishing giving the impression that they are making on the spot..